“Life Is Strange Limited Edition Review – Turn Back Time”

“This time last year the first episode of Life Is Strange was released online.  It wasn’t a highly anticipated title.  Although we’d been impressed when we’d met them a few years earlier, French developer Dontnod were known only for the seriously flawed, and ironically named, Remember Me. As such, an episodic tale about an introverted photography student with the power to rewind time did not engender much excitement.

And yet it ended up being one of the best story-based games of the last several years.

Thankfully, Life Is Strange’s quality earned it unexpectedly high sales, and even though the last of the five episodes was released in October the game has now been rewarded with this boxed retail version. Although the game inside is exactly the same.

You play as Max Caulfield, who has just moved back to her home town of Arcadia Bay in order to study at the local academy. Although plagued by visions of an apocalyptic tornado, everything else seems normal until she witnesses a traumatic event that has her discovering she has the ability to rewind time.

Why and how remains obscure for the majority of the game, and instead her primary concern becomes helping her wastrel friend Chloe to get her life back together.

And to discover the fate of Chloe’s missing friend Rachel…”



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