“‘Daredevil’ Showrunners on How Punisher and Elektra Shake Up Season 2”

“To promote the premiere of Daredevil Season 2 at Netflix on March 18th, the cast and showrunners were at the TCA Press Tour to preview what fans can expect from the characters next. With Matt Murdock (Charlie Cox) having grown into the role of the vigilante Daredevil, the attention that he’s received has gained the attention of both the public and the police, inspiring other vigilantes to enact their own vengeance for injustice around the streets of Hell’s Kitchen, New York.

During a small roundtable interview, co-showrunners Doug Petrie and Marco Ramirez talked about how Frank Castle (Jon Bernthal), aka The Punisher, and Elektra (Elodie Yung) will affect Matt Murdock’s world, the structure of Season 2, making room for Foggy (Elden Henson) and Karen’s (Deborah Ann Woll) journey, when and how to plan reveals, Easter eggs, and whether you should and will feel sympathy for The Punisher.

Question: You’re bringing on huge characters this season with The Punisher and Elektra, so how did that come about?

DOUG PETRIE: We were given those two characters and we eagerly embraced it. We asked ourselves, how do we avoid antagonist glut and icon glut in one season? What made Season 1 so successful was the slow burn and the build of exploring Wilson Fisk and Matt Murdock completely. But, Jeph [Loeb] really helped us with that. He was intrigued with the question, what is it to be a hero?

In Season 1, we built the hero, but now we have these new characters coming in and testing Matt Murdock. They’re saying, “Oh, okay, you’re going to put on this suit and beat people up that you feel deserve it. We do that, too, except there’s a difference. We kill them.”

They don’t feel like it’s that big of a difference, but he does.

Is The Punisher the season-long antagonist, and is the moral divide between Matt Murdock and Frank Castle the main idea you’re exploring?

MARCO RAMIREZ: Because we knew, early on, that we had The Punisher and Elektra, we knew we didn’t want to repeat Season 1. It was Daredevil: Year One and Wilson Fisk: Year One. By the end of the season, he was a completely different person than he was at the beginning. We knew we had 13 episodes, so we wanted to find the coolest story we could do with these three characters and make the story feel really vibrant and alive in ways that are exciting to us.

Most importantly, we wanted to make sure everything runs through Matt because it could easily become The Punisher story or the Elektra story that Matt cameos in, and not vice versa…”



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