“‘Luke Cage’: Will Marvel Strike Netflix Gold Again?”

“Well, the results are in: Marvel’s struck Netflix gold once again with Jessica Jonesdelivering yet another stellar superhero series.

Things kicked off earlier this year with Daredevilas we got our first look at the studio’s ambitious plans for its shared universe on the streaming service. Instead of simply another arm of the Avengers storyline though, what we got was something entirely more profound.

Daredevil gave us an insightful commentary on the nature of good and evil, reviving a hero that many thought could never grace our screens again following the 2003 movie disaster. Not to be outdone, Jessica Jones told the all too real story of how our society looks at victims of abuse. Numbering themselves as two of the best new shows of 2015, they still represent the tip of the iceberg in terms of Marvel’s Netflix universe.

Still to come in 2016, Luke Cage is next in line, starring Mike Coulter as our titular hero. With both of the show’s predecessors dealing in some fairly heavy thematic material, the question now is what direction will Luke Cage take us in next?

The answer to this could be rooted in the comic book history for the character. Luke Cage first appeared in 1972, as part of the Blaxpoitation movement taking over the entertainment industry in the early ’70s. Since then, the character has seen something of a spotted history, having consistently existed right on the fringe of cancellation. With roots in a film movement the NAACP actively opposed in its latter years, Netflix’s Luke Cage has the chance to round out Marvel’s streaming world with a nuanced commentary on race.

With Jessica Jones having already tackled gender equality and abuse, Luke Cage‘s place in the Netflix canon as well as its Blaxpoitation history make it eminently qualified to take the next logical step thematically…”



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