“With $88.3M-$90M Weekend, ‘Force Awakens’ Will Claim All-Time Domestic Crown This Week”

“If estimates hold, by tomorrow at this time, Star Wars: The Force Awakens will have pocketed another $200M+ in one week’s time to bring its total domestic gross to date to around $740M to $743M. This is a very strong weekend, all in, as Rentrak reports that its “neck and neck” with the record $220M weekend set when Avatar was in its third weekend and Sherlock Holmeswas in its second weekend. It is believed this weekend will hit $220M but we won’t find out until Monday around noon.

Today, despite the college bowl games, Disney’s latest installment of the franchise, stayed the course to bring in an estimated $34M to $34.5M yesterday, which means it’s on track for a 3rd weekend gross of $90M and even $91M. Although today is football Sunday and then kids return to school on Monday, at this rate, Force Awakenswill surpass Avatar‘s $760.5M record to become the highest domestic box office grosser this week, maybe by Wednesday or Thursday, so history will be made in the next few days. It also busted through many records this weekend. Let’s take a look:

It now has the highest third weekend gross — Disney is on the low end of the estimates with $88.3M while everyone else (and the math) says it should get to $90M by end of day today. The previous third weekend gross record was set by (what else?) Avatar with $68.5M in 2010. It is also the fastest film ever to reach $700M and did so in 16 days; Avatar took 72 days.

This weekend, also saw it become the 2nd highest-grossing release, sailing by Titanic($658.7M, includes 3D re-issue) and Jurassic Park ($652.3M) in record time (see below).

And, of course, it is the highest-grossing release of 2015.

It didn’t hurt that it has been dominating the Imax screens over the holidays. With $152M hauled in worldwide from those screens, The Force Awakens is the company’s second highest-grossing title ever. It did so in a record 19 days (without the benefit of a China release) as compared to Avatar, which took 47 days to reach $150 mil (and included a China release). The current per screen average for an Imax screen is a big $226K…”



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