“Marvel Introduces Female Wolverine in Comics”

“Hugh Jackman is up for one last run as Wolverine. While he has defined the character onscreen since the original X-Men movie in 2000 — appearing as the berserker mutant Logan in a half-dozen films — Jackman has made it clear that the upcoming Wolverine 3 will be his superhero swan song.

With Jackman hanging up the claws, could we see a radically different Wolverine in a future X-Men film or spinoff? The idea is not too far-fetched, especially considering Marvel Comics big reveal today.

Marvel has unveiled the first images of its newest comic-book reboot, featuring a female version of the iconic hero.

Laura Kinney takes on the titular role in All-New Wolverine. Originally known as X-23, Kinney was cloned from the original Wolverine (a.k.a. Logan) — complete with retractable claws, adamantium skeleton, and superhuman healing powers and strength — as the ultimate assassin. She ultimately renounced her origins as a killing machine and became Logan’s protégée and serving on teams like X-Force and the New X-Men.

In the current Marvel Comics continuity, Logan is presumed dead — or as dead as a comic-book character can be (long story, short: He was infected by a virus that inhibited his healing abilities and then was encased in a lump of adamantium). In his absence,

“Laura will honor his memory by taking up the mantle and following in his footsteps as a hero,” according to Marvel. “She is the All-New Wolverine! And her story is just getting started…”



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