“Daredevil Season 2 Producer on Changing Continuity & ‘Defenders’ Future”

Marvel’s Daredevil Netflix series continues to gain acclaim and notice as word-of-mouth carries the series into Netflix streams of more and more viewers, making season 2 of the series one the more highly-anticipated projects on the 2016 slate of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Big things are happening in Daredevil season 2; Punisher is coming to town, longtime Daredevil love interest Elektra will be popping up, and some Marvel villains and heroes may show up to the party, as well. One big reason for the success of season 1 was writer and executive producer Drew Goddard (Lost, Cloverfield, Cabin in the Woods), who is now talking about season 2 of the show.

It was announced early on in season 2’s development that Goddard and showrunner Steven DeKnight would NOT be returning to run season 2. Both men have other projects on their dockets, so the sophomore season of Daredevil was delegated to Doug Petrie (American Horror Story) and Marco Ramirez (Sons of Anarchy), who worked closely with DeKnight and Goddard on season 1. However, speaking with ColliderGoddard assuaged some fans’ fears, by making it clear that he is still involved with Daredevil and the writing of season 2 – just in a different sort of way:

…That’s how it works, I’m still the executive producer. I show up and we talk about Matt Murdock and I say, ‘Do you need any more help?’ and they say, ‘No,’ and then I leave (laughs)…. I will say that it has been a joy to talk about Season 2 and I think fans are gonna be really excited.”

While many Marvel movies have stumbled with their sophomore effortsAgents of S.H.I.E.L.D. set a good precedent for Marvel TV last year, with a season 2 that improved things exponentially over the missteps of season 1. AoS season 3 looks even better with its “Secret Warriors” approach, and Daredevil season 2 certainly sounds promising – even more so, hearing that Goddard truly is lending his attention to the crafting of it…”



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