“Aquaman: How Jason Momoa Will Make This DC Hero Cool Again”

“Believe it or not, once upon a time Aquaman was considered cool… There isn’t actually a source for that or anything, I’m just assuming it’s true because he’s been around for so long, so DC comics must have good reason to keep him around. At the very least, he was an original member of the Justice League and that has got to count for something.

Regardless, DC has had an undeniably tough time popularizing the guy for a long time now. But it looks like the decades-long slump for Aquaman is over. Ever since the first image of Jason Momoa as Aquaman was released in February, the world knew that things were looking up for the swim trunk superhero. Jason Momoa is poised to do the impossible: Make Aquaman cool (again), and the following are four potential ways he could do it.

1. Momoa’s screen history

“With Jason Momoa comes his unquestionably badass screen history. Roles such as Khal Drogo from HBO’s Game of Thrones and the title character in the recent Conan the Barbarian remake have made Jason Momoa synonymous with the heroic and admirable warrior archetype. And die hard fans of Momoa will remember his time on Stargate: Atlantis, so it’s not exactly like he’ll be out of his element as Aquaman.

 While comic readers and dedicated fans of Aquaman know that there are plenty of ways the character is hardcore (stay tuned for number 3 on this list), the general public have a hard time sharing this belief. Momoa’s typecast image of a stoic, battle-hardened character should benefit the portrayal of Aquaman in the new, grittier DC lineup…”



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