“10 Characters That Fight Sexism in Gaming”

“There’s no question that sexism is prominent throughout the history of video games and still is to this very day. A vast majority of games have depicted women inferior to men, constantly requiring their help in trying to help solve any conflicts that appear in most stories. Almost every single title from the Xbox One’s lineup at this year’s E3 did not feature any sort of female protagonist.

Aside from Bayonetta 2 (starring a hyper-sexualized female lead), Beyond: Two Souls and Mirror’s Edge 2, we cannot think of many other front-line titles featuring female protagonists. Combined with the concept of scantily-clad booth girls scattered around the entire expo, it is quite apparent that sexism is still a dominant factor in the video game medium.

Though this type of thought may exist in the industry, we would like to present our list of 10 Characters That Fight Sexism in Gaming in order to help inspire change:

Anya Stroud – Gears of War Series

Anya’s movement to the frontline during the Lambent outbreak of Gears of War 3 could have easily been oversexualized, especially with the undertone of romance that existed between her and Marcus Fenix. But it turns out that she’s just as badass as Dom, Carmine, Cole and the rest of Delta Squad.

Faith Connors – Mirror’s Edge Series

The physical feats Faith is able to accomplish throughout the first Mirror’s Edge title helped redefine the expectations of action games and the first-person perspective. Her frame and figure are surprisingly realistic in terms of her athletic prowess…

Lightning – Fight Fantasy 13 Series

The fact that a female finally took the lead of a Final Fantasy title (let’s just forget X-2 ever happened), is a sign that there is at least some progress occurring in the stoic nature of JRPGs. Rydia, Celes, Yuna, and Terra from the FF series could have easily made this list, but Lightning’s recurring spotlight is the biggest sign of change…”



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