“David Walker Talks DC Comics’ Cyborg: “I Feel Like I Won The Lottery”

“This week will see the release of Cyborg #1 from writer David Walker and artists Ivan Reis, Joe Prado and Adriano Lucas.

The series will put Vic Stone, getting his first ongoing series, against a new threat with its own mythology and ties to the DC Universe while introducing or reintroducing a human supporting cast that runs the gamut from new characters to Vic’s family to familiar characters from Vic’s pre-Flashpoint days as a Teen Titan and more.

Walker joined ComicBook.com to talk a little bit about the series — we’re presenting the first half of the interview today and the second half in a couple of days when Cyborg gears up to hit the stands.

Both artistically and in terms of voice, the alien stuff and the Earth stuff almost feel like they’re two separate books. I’m very impressed by the way the whole thing comes together.

Well, you know, that’s all the art team. Ivan [Reis] and Joe [Prado] and Ardriano Lucas. They are, honestly, the best art team you could ever hope to work with. I say that, no hyperbole at all. Ivan as a penciller is so incredible and he’s bringing a level fo emotion and drama to this, and action as well, that I look at it and the first thing I think of every time I see his pages is, “Wow, this is so cool. Who wrote this? And then I realize, “Oh, I wrote it.”

I feel like I won the lottery, working with them, and there’s been some dialogue back and forth between us in terms of, I said, “What do you really want to draw? Is there anything in particular?” And Ivan’s response has always been, “I just like the character and I want to do interesting things with the character…”



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