“Capcom Realizes the Importance of Diversity by Promoting More Women into Leadership Roles”

“The house that brought us Mega Man, Chris Redfield’s massive biceps and Dante calling all of his female co-stars “babe” claims that it has realized the importance of promoting women into executive positions within its company.

On Capcom’s financial report for the past fiscal year, the company acknowledged that it has begun to realize that having female employees is a great asset and that they should not evaluate workers based on discriminating attributes but instead on performance and accomplishments. Capcom’s financial report contained the following:

Capcom is fully recognizing the importance of diversity of human resources in recent years while actively utilizing female workers and making evaluations according to performance and not based on gender, age and such. As part of such efforts, we are promoting executive positions of female employees, and so far we have two female corporate officers and 20 female employees in management positions such as general managers and senior managers.

Since most companies have been trying to avoid discrimination in the workplace for quite some time, the logical question in response to Capcom’s statement would be, “has Capcom discriminated against its employees in the past…”



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