“Meet the New Allies and Enemies Coming to Arrow and The Flash This Year”

“On Saturday night, Warner Brothers and DC Comics did a mega-block of panels of all their TV shows at Comic-Con, starting withArrow and The Flash. Here’s what we learned:


Arrow‘s Stephen Amell came out in a brand new badass costume, which you can see above, and announced himself as the Green Arrow. “You have not failed this city!” he shouted at the crowd.

Executive producer Greg Berlanti said of the new costume: “We’ve always said the progression [of the show] is from Arrow to Green Arrow, and this is a big step in that direction.”

As for villains, the Arrow team will have a lot to contend with: Damien Darhk has already been announced, but in the panel, Berlanti and fellow executive producer Marc Guggenheim said Batman villain Anarky and another “big villain” will be in this season.

In the ally category, Mister Terrific will be a friend of Felicity’s. Berlanti said they get asked a lot when they’re going to add new LGBTQ character to the show.

“This version of Mister Terrific happens to be gay, ” Berlanti announced…”



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