“‘Spider-Man’: Aunt May Actresses Getting Younger With Each New Film”

“It’s not your imagination — Peter Parker’s Aunt May really is getting younger with each new actress named to the role.

With Marisa Tomei in talks to take on the role of Spider-Man’s unsuspecting caretaker for the Sony/Marvel reboot of the character, online response to the casting has been mixed. There’s been both excitement and a sense of disbelief that she’s old enough to play the iconic Marvel character, best known amongst comic fandom for a series of ill-timed health problems and a love of wheatcakes.

When the next Spider-Man movie is released in 2017, Tomei will be 52-years-old, well within a believable age range to be the aunt of the then-20-year-old Tom Holland — but it does point out the strange trend that has seen May Parker get progressively younger.It’s not your imagination — Peter Parker’s Aunt MaGiven the casting, it’s likely that Marvel and Sony aren’t looking to the wizened crone of series creators Stan Lee and Steve Ditko’s initial stories —but, instead, the far younger, far more active May Parker that writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Mark Bagley offered up in the 2000 comic book reboot Ultimate Spider-Man…”



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