“Marvel’s TV Plans Could Include The Punisher, Hawkeye/Black Widow Miniseries, and More”

“A lot of people loved Daredevil, but I think Marvel TV is still trying to hit its stride. Ironically, a company built out of long-form storytelling hasn’t mastered television. Even at 13 episodes, Daredevil felt too long and carried weak storylines (the supporting characters labored for episodes on end to discover what we already knew). That being said, it was also a promising start, especially as far as Daredevil and Wilson Fisk were concerned. Nevertheless, Marvel TV keeps struggling, but that’s not stopping them from rapidly trying to expand their TV plans.

Heroic Hollywood has lots of new details with how the studio is planning for the Phase 2 of their TV series and beyond. Let’s break it down:


The show was a huge hit, and Season 2 received a green light 11 days after the show premiered on Netflix. However, it’s possible that we’ll see The Man without Fear before then. The next Marvel-Netflix series, AKA Jessica Jones, will premiere later this year, and there will be “a great deal of crossover with Daredevil”. Keep in mind that the four Netflix series—Daredevil, AKA Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, andIron Fist—are all building to The Defenders. We already know that Luke Cage is part of Jessica Jones, so Marvel wants these characters to start interacting beforeThe Defenders, so it makes sense to put Daredevil in the mix as well.

Furthermore, when Daredevil returns, expect to see his love interest, Elektra along for the ride. However, she might not be the only anti-hero on the block. Marvel “is toying with the idea of adding characters like Punisher, Blade and Ghost Rider, but they provide their own complications.

Punisher, Ghost Rider, and Blade

Blade and Ghost Rider carry supernatural aspects, which will not only up the cost of giving them TV series, but it also carries the Marvel-Netflix TV shows away from the gritty, street-level aspect that the studio is going for…”



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