“Ben Affleck Survived ‘Daredevil,’ But Jennifer Garner Never Recovered From ‘Elektra'”

“It is not unusual for movie stars to meet and eventually fall in love and/or get married while on the set of what would turn out to be a pretty terrible movie. So the fact that Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner met on the set of Daredevil is not more or less unusual than Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively meeting through Green Lantern or Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton meeting via Cleopatra. Daredevil was pretty close to rock bottom for both Garner and Affleck in terms of would-be big studio releases, with one coming towards the end of an artistic freefall and the other coming towards the beginning of an emerging career.

Affleck starred in the 2003 comic book actioner as Matt Murdock while Jennifer Garner starred as Elektra. Affleck’s career recovered and outright soared after Daredevil to the point where securing him to play Batman a decade later counted as a major get. But Jennifer Garner’s career was permanently stopped in dead heat as a result of her ill-received comic book role partially because she did not have the avenues to rehabilitate herself accordingly.

Daredevil was in the middle of a rather infamous run of poorly received features for Affleck, including the likes of Gigli, Jersey Girl, Paycheck, andSaving Christmas,which also coincided with his tabloid-friendly relationship with Jennifer Lopez. Daredevil was basically the “Hey, you’re a TV star” movie star boost for Garner, with the star of Alias taking her tools to the big screen as a sai-wielding revenge-seeking warrior of sorts. She wasn’t the star of the film, but she was famous enough to get billing in the trailer alongside Ben Affleck, an honor not bestowed to Colin Farrell or Michael Clarke Duncan…”



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