“The Rock’s ‘Rampage’ Is Hollywood’s Answer To ‘Jurassic World’ And ‘San Andreas'”

“As some of you might have heard via Deadline in the midsts of all the Spider-Man news, Dwayne Johnson is reteaming with producer Beau Flynn and New Line Cinema for another action spectacular. This one is based on the popular 1980′s video game Rampage. For those of you who don’t remember, Rampage was an arcade game where you assumed the role of a giant monster and trashed one city after another. The game spawned four sequels/reboots on various home consoles between 1997 and 2006 and remains a cult favorite to this day. The appeal to Hollywood is pretty obvious. The greenlighting of this film, which had been in theoretical discussions since 2011, is noteworthy in that it feels like Hollywood’s answer to two of the summer’s biggest hits thus far: Jurassic World and San Andreas. It’s basically, from a pitch standpoint, “Jurassic World meets San Andreas.”

In the original game and its various sequels/spin-offs, you actually control not-Godzilla, not-King Kong, and a giant not-Wolf Man as they destroy buildings and eat people. Unless the film is going to be a true “post-human blockbuster,” then it can be assumed that Dwayne Johnson will star as the guy trying to stop the monsters from wrecking stuff and/or the guy saving lives amid the carnage with our sympathy lying with the humans and not the giant monster…”



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