“‘Green Lantern’ Rumor: Reboot To Star Multiple Human Lanterns”

“Even though Warner Bros.’ shared DC Movie Universe has barely begun, a majority of their heroes have already been cast ahead of their respective franchises. Out of the seven main heroes being united six have actors lined up to play the role for years to come – the outlier being Green Lantern, set for a solo reboot coming out in 2020, but expected to play a part in the two Justice League films released prior.

Ever since the studio unveiled their plans for the DCMU, the discussion has centered on which Lantern the new films will feature: Hal Jordan is the classic iteration, but multiple humans have taken up the mantle in the comic’s history, Guy Gardner and John Stewart chief among them. Now it seems WB may avoid the question entirely, instead pursuing multiple leads for the new cinematic take.

That new rumor comes courtesy of Collider, who are hearing the reboot may – may – revolve around some combination of Jordan, Gardner, and Stewart (at least two). They caution that since the film is so early in development, this could change, but for now it sounds like we’ll be seeing more than one Lantern in the new take.

In a way, the decision would make a great deal of sense (as it did when we first recommended it a few years ago). Unlike other solo superheroes, “Green Lantern” has almost always relied upon his (or her) fellow officers to fight large-scale crime. As just a single member of the Green Lantern Corp. – consisting of a plethora of beings from all corners of the universe – only on Earth is the name reserved for a single masked do-gooder…”



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