“Idris for Green Lantern”

“Back in April, Meet The Movie Press reported through agency sources that Warner Brothers is currently casting for a Green Lantern film in 2020. Though unconfirmed by the production company, it’s exciting news for fans and nerds like me who would love to see the iconic character come to life on the big screen. And for me, the casting choice is obvious: John Stewart, the Black Green Lantern, should be played by Idris Elba.

Elba hinted his interest in playing John Stewart in 2013 when he responded to a fan-fiction Twit-pic of him in the Green Lantern suit. We don’t know the details of his contract with Marvel, but who knows what could happen in five years.

Though Elba is a fan-favorite, there are other names attached to the Stewart character. Grammy award winning artist Common was rumored to play him in Justice League: Mortal, but the movie was shelved. R&B singer and actor Tyrese is campaigning to play Stewart and may have already met with Warner Brothers about the role.

With all due respect to Common and Tyrese, I don’t think they are the best fit. Tyrese is frequently comic relief in the recent notable movie he’s played in, such as Four Brothers, Transformersand Fast & Furious series, etc. Audiences may not take him seriously as super-hero of Stewart’s magnitude. Common possibly could channel some of his LUV performance into Stewart, but he may be too smooth and laidback to play a man with the weight of the universe on his shoulders.

The actress/actor and the part need chemistry. This idea applies exponentially when to super-heroes, because directors are working to connect to fans’ strong, nostalgic conceptions of who “should” play their favorite characters. It isn’t only about star-power, one reason why the Green Lantern movie, starring Ryan Reynold’s as Hal Jordan, flopped…”



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