“Box Office: ‘Furious 7’ Is Now Basically The Biggest Action Movie Ever”

“As of today, Furious 7 has topped the $350.9 million domestic total of American Sniper. It had $350.81m as of Monday so it will likely surpass the Clint Eastwood action drama’s $350.9m today if it didn’t on Tuesday. Without taking anything away from the Bradley Cooper Oscar nominated film, Furious 7 is now basically the biggest straight action movie of all time. By “straight” action movie, I mean an action picture that isn’t rooted in fantasy or costumed heroics. And in that sense, the seventh Vin Diesel/Paul Walker adventure is indeed the biggest-grossing such title in American box office history, not accounting for inflation.

But what about inflation?  Well, here’s the kicker. Even when you add in the whole “tickets were cheaper when I had to walk uphill both ways in six feet of snow to get to my one screen shoebox theater inside a dilapidated mall” factor, Furious 7 still very nearly comes out on top with but a few random exceptions. With the obvious caveat that Hollywood makes a lot fewer “set on Earth with no superpowers” action films than they used to in the 1970′s, 1980′s, and 1990′s, James Wan’s sequel is still pretty much bigger than the biggest installment of almost any action franchise you can name…”



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