“I watched Netflix’s Sense8 and don’t know if it’s a travesty or a whacked-out masterpiece”

“There is a moment toward the end of Sense8‘s eighth episode that is unlike literally anything I have ever seen.

Nomi (Jamie Clayton), a political activist who suddenly finds herself stalked by a mysterious organization bent on wiping her out because she possesses psychic powers, learns from one of the friends with whom she shares a psychic link that the bad guys are on their way.

With the help of her girlfriend, Nomi escapes the house where the couple has holed up, but she’s soon surrounded by cops working for the evil organization. She sends out a call for help, and in a thrilling, kinetic sequence that’s hard to describe, several of the other people with whom she’s psychically linked swap into her body to share their skills of, say, martial arts fighting, so that she can make her way to freedom. The show is at its best during moments like this one, when it leaves behind the leaden weight of exposition and simply showcases its loopy, high-concept in action.

But whatever momentum the series gains is immediately buried underneath all of its other, far more ponderous qualities. Sense8 is a show forever trapped between two things — its core artistic impulses and its need to over-explain everything that happens within its confines. That makes it at once beautiful and maddening, either a complete travesty or a whacked-out masterpiece — and sometimes both in the same scene…”



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