“Film review: Why Spy is better than Bond”

“Many critics argued that the last Bond film, Skyfall, mistreated its female characters, even by the less-than-progressive standards of the 007 franchise. The problem wasn’t just that it killed off two of its leading ladies. What was more upsetting was that Naomie Harris’s Eve started the film as an intrepid field agent, only to finish it as Miss Moneypenny, the ever-pining secretary whose sole purpose in life is to sit outside M’s inner sanctum, and say, “You can go through now, James.”

The splendid new Melissa McCarthy vehicle, Spy, is Skyfall in reverse (‘Earthrise’, I suppose). Written and directed by Paul Feig, who worked with McCarthy on Bridesmaids and The Heat, the film imagines Miss Moneypenny making the transition from deskbound personal assistant to world-saving action hero. Quite apart from being a raucously funny comedy, it could be the most significant feminist film of the year….”



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