“For DC Comics, June’s Relaunch Is A Small Victory In The Ongoing Battle For Superhero Diversity”

“When you picture the heroes of DC Comics, what do you see? Some may see them as a who’s who of characters woven through the very fabric of American folklore. But what’s more important is what you don’t see.

Other than Wonder Woman, chances are the only DC heroes that periphery fans actually know anything about are straight white males. Batman, Superman, Flash, Green Lantern, Aquaman, Green Arrow — there are times when the Justice League looks more like a country club than a super team meant to represent the people of Earth.

Thankfully, the light bulb finally went on at DC. This month, the company is undergoing a much-needed makeover, leading to 24 new titles — many of which have a focus on characters of different races, lifestyles and gender roles.

While The New 52 felt like a step backward for diversity and progressivism in many ways, the company is putting a renewed emphasis on making its superhero universe actually resemble the diverse readership that picks up these comics every month…”



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