“Speed Racer Is Coming Back With A New Series”

“Could it be that Speed Racer is heading back to the track for more laps? The iconic 1960s anime series, which has been relaunched numerous times and even made into a 2008 3D live-action film, could see a return to television. While the plans are far from set, the property’s Japanese production company has confirmed that something is in the works with a new project.

According to a report from Anime News Network, franchise owners, Tatsunoko Production has confirmed that the long-sidelined Speed Racer franchise will be looking to refuel and getting his car, the Mach 5, back in the pop-culture race with a new television project. That, however, is the extent of the details; currently little else is known about the project’s potential format or whether it will move forward.

For fans of the quirky but groundbreaking Japanese manga turned pioneering anime series (known in the Land of the Rising Sun as Mach GoGoGo), it’s been a long 7 years of being relegated to relative obscurity. Speed Racer previously enjoyed several iterations after the brief but legendary run of the original 1967-1968 animated series, with other animated revivals; notably with 1993-1994’s The New Adventures of Speed Racer, 1997’s Speed Racer X and Nickelodeon’s long-running 2008-2013 Speed Racer: The Next Generation. Consequently, the property has been well-represented in the last decade. However, in 2008, it would, like Icarus, detrimentally fly too close to the sun or, in this case, Hollywood…”



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