“Marvel’s cinematic diversity problem”

“The Marvel Cinematic Universe has a diversity problem. There’s no way to really skirt around this issue politely: it’s a fact. Five out of the six Avengers that make up the largest movie franchise in the world are straight, white, conventionally-beautiful males. That’s over 83% of the Avengers franchise headlined by people born of systematic privilege.

What’s frustrating about these numbers is that in 2015, the argument can no longer be made that the kind of Avengers representation we’re getting is an accurate portrayal of America’s demographics, let alone the world’s. Since 2009, the majority of babies born in the United States have been racial minorities, and as of the 2013 United States census, only about 60% of the population identifies as White. With those kinds of numbers, an Avengers team that accurately represented United States demographics would only have two white males on the team.

But putting aside United States demographics, The Avengers is a global franchise, with the 2012 theatrical release raking in almost a billion dollars in foreign sales. Hollywood understands the importance of appealing to an international market, so when over two-thirds of the world’s population is decidedly not white, it seems counter-intuitive to produce such a bland, non-diverse approach to Marvel’s flagship superhero team…”



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