“Return of Tamashi Hamada Almost Confirmed as ‘Big Hero 7’ Attempts to Surpass $651 Million Worldwide Box Office and Video Sales Haul of ‘Big Hero 6’”

“Stan Lee was recently quoted in an interview that Marvel will have its hands full for the rest of the year until next year or several years thereafter since it has a lot of film projects in its burgeoning plate.

According to Lee, after “Ant-Man,” Marvel will start working on the movies on “Doctor Strange,” “The Black Panther,” “The Inhumans,” and then come back for “Guardians of the Galaxy 2,” “Big Hero 7,” “Avengers 3,” and “Captain America 3.”

This means that Marvel will be working on “Big Hero 7” after four movies since “Ant-Man” is pretty much in the can.

Disney is developing a reputation for reviving obscure titles from the Marvel titles and turning it into blockbuster movies. “Big Hero 6” and “Guardians of the Galaxy” are clear examples of Disney’s master craft. “Big Hero 6” raked in $56.2 million in the tills while “Guardians of the Galaxy” made a worldwide box office haul of $219.3 million when the two movies were shown last year…”



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